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Through Glass Eyes

"A classic rags-to-riches tale, with an engaging heroine and plenty of action from beginning to end. When the final resolution comes, it is totally appropriate and extremely artistically satisfying."
Sara Wilson, Historical Novel Society.

Through Glass Eyes follows the fluctuating fortunes of Lucy and her son, James, over a period of twenty-five years. Their lives are loosely connected by the unobtrusive presence of a porcelain-faced French Bru doll and the problems which confront them cannot fail to touch your heart.

The story - a saga set in Yorkshire - 1896
With temptation thrown in her lap, Lucy Oldfield steals an expensive French doll from her dying mistress. After losing her job at Heaton Hall, she returns to the squalid streets of Leeds where she falls victim to the lies and deceit of a confidence trickster.

Alone, and with a son to support, Lucy has little to look forward to, until a chance meeting with a stranger changes her fortune. When Lucy moves to the country to care for the ageing gentleman, she is provided with a cottage of her own. What more could she wish for?

But the menacing torments of an itinerant worker, and the outbreak of war, turn her world upside down. Then a sudden death and an unexpected discovery see her embarking on a voyage to India. But fate has still more twists and turns in store and a horrific fire will change everyone’s lives.

Find out what role an antique doll plays in the final climax?

"Those readers who enjoy the novels of Catherine Cookson will like this book which is of a similar genre."
Kath O’Sullivan (New Zealand)

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Note: Through Glass Eyes was first published in 2006 in hardback under the titile "The Twisting Vine".

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