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The Condor's Feather

"If you are an armchair traveler like me, you will happily curl up with this tale of travel and adventure."
Rachel A Hyde

The Condorís Feather is an exciting equestrian adventure with only a hint of romance, which takes a group of aristocratic English riders on an unforgettable journey of intrigue and adventure across the open Pampas of Patagonia. The year is 1885.

With a motley group of companions made up of Victorian aristocrats, a writer, servants and a faithful pair of Newfoundland dogs, Cynthia Beresford sets off from Huntingley, the familyís stately home, on an ambitious journey to Patagonia at the tail end of the world.

On the steamer sailing from Liverpool to South America, she meets a mysterious Welshman, Euan Davies, who agrees to ride with her. But this fiercely independent English Lady has much to learn and is unaware that the path the Welshman is following is leading her party directly into danger.

Pampas winds, wild horses, pumas and escaped convicts are set to wreak havoc on the expedition and not everyone will survive the journey and return to England.

"I could imagine this book being made into a western, as it is replete with the sorts of events that those wonderful old films always feature. The strong silent cowboy, jail breaks, bad hombres on the trail who will stop at nothing, and lots of descriptions of the beauty of a savage, untamed landscape."

THE CONDER'S FEATHER was first published in hardback in 2009 and is available from Hale Books or The Book Depository

It is now available in paperback from or or

And available as an E-Book fir KINDLE from or in 10 other e-formats.

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