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Sea Dust

"Confronting and real. Margaret Muir pulls no punches in portraying the dark side of family life and the lives of those bound by the sea. This story inspires the reader to begin their own sea-faring adventure. Dramatic from start to finish."
Nicole Biber (random testimonal)    

Set in 1856, Sea Dust tells of Emma Quinlan's escape from her cruel husband.

A chance meeting with a French sailor on the windswept Whitby cliff top provides her with the opportunity to board a ship bound for Sydney.

But when Emma joins the Morning Star it is not as a passenger. Alone for several days in the black confines of a sail locker, she is unaware one of the seamen knows her hiding place.

When she is discovered, the Captain threatens to put her ashore, but fog in the English Channel prevents this happening.

Following a vicious attack, Emma is nursed back to health by Charles Witton, a gentleman sailing to Australia to join a scientific expedition.

During the voyage, Witton uncovers Emma's artistic talent.

As the ship sails south a violent storm, a volcanic eruption and a collision with a tea clipper in Cape Town Bay all add to the tension.

WHEN eventually the ship reaches Sydney, Emmaís lifestyle and prospects improve, but when Charles leaves, she faces an uncertain future. Then some devastating news arrives which turns her world upside down.

"The story is engaging and moves at a good pace. One empathises strongly with Emma and the author captures the sense of menace particularly effectively."
Dr Richard Rossiter - author and critic    

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