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Floating Gold

"A wonderful blend of classic Georgian naval fiction, a mystery/thriller and a grand treasure hunt. Well paced and vividly drawn tale of adventure on the high seas. Highly recommended."
Old Salt Blog.

1802 - The Treaty of Amiens heralds a fragile peace in the war with France. Britainís fighting ships languish in ordinary and sailors litter the alehouses of Portsmouth.

From a beach, Captain Quintrell observes a fleet preparing to sail little knowing he will soon have command of a frigate.

Entrusted with secret orders, he heads south, unaware of the horrors which lie ahead, but when he enters the freezing Southern Ocean, a mutinous crew, murder most foul and the dangers held within a simmering volcanic island pose as much of a threat as a broadside from a man-of-war.

Can Captain Quintrell complete his mission and return his ship and his unusual cargo safely to England. When he finally reaches Portsmouth, he believes he had succeeded, but a cruel twist puts him and his crew in mortal danger.

FLOATING GOLD is the first in a series of naval adventures set during the Napoleonic Wars and featuring Captain Quintrell, and his officers and men.

"A pacey narrative which held my attention from cover to cover."
Historic naval fiction
"FLOATING GOLD is an excellent nautical fiction debut Ė very entertaining, well written and intelligently plotted."
Navy fiction
"A tale worthy of a Hornblower epic."
Maritime Times, Tasmania.

FLOATING GOLD was first published in hardback in 2010 and is available from or

Also available in paperback from or

Also in paperback from

The e-book edition of FLOATING GOLD is due in April 2012.

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