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Margaret Muir also writing as M.C. Muir

Nautical Fiction by M.C. Muir

M.C. Muir has established a solid readership in the Nautical Fiction genre made
popular by Patrick O’Brian and C.S. Forester. Having sailed most of the world’s
oceans and crewed on several tall ships, studied History and Writing, M.C. Muir is
well-qualified to bring to the reader the adventures of Captain Oliver Quintrell of His
Majesty’s Navy in the glorious days of fighting sail.

M.C. Muir’s latest book published October 2016:

The Seventy-Four (Book 5 in the Oliver Quintrell Series)

Previous books in this series are:

All five books are written in sequence but each book stands alone.

The first 3 e-books are combined in a box set:

The Oliver Quintrell Trilogy

Historical Fiction by Margaret Muir

First published in London from 2005, Muir’s early books were stories set in Yorkshire in the 19th century. These were:

Sea Dust
Through Glass Eyes
The Black Thread
The Condor’s Feather

Three of these books have been combined in a box set under the title:

Yorkshire Grit

Also by this author:

Goats – non-fiction
Uncanny – short stories
Words on a Crumpled Page – poetry

Children’s books and YA by Margaret Muir

King Richard and the Mountain Goat
The Bear with no Hair
Grandma’s Windmills

Books by M.C. Muir and Margaret Muir are available as e-books and paperbacks through Amazon.

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