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"There is an edge to Margaret’s writing that is terrific. Rarely do I see such confidence on the page."
Glyn Parry

Thank you for stopping by.

I’m sorry to disappoint those who follow the author, M.C. Muir, and expected to find a male writer. For five years I wrote historical fiction for an old established British publishing house under my own name, Margaret Muir, which was fine because my early historical fiction targeted a female readership.

In 2009, however, I changed tack and started writing nautical fiction inspired by the works of CS Forester and Patrick O’Brian. At the time, I suggested to my publisher that such books would not sell to male readers under a female’s name and suggested I use a male pseudonym. The publisher would not hear of it and went ahead.

Guess what? The first book, Floating Gold, performed miserably on the market. As a result, I parted company with the publishing house and in 2011, self-published Floating Gold under the by-line M.C. Muir.

Guess what? I have never looked back. Floating Gold is still popular and the Oliver Quintrell stories have evolved into a series of four books. The latest, The Unfortunate Isles, was released at Christmas 2014. By early January it is rising well up in the Kindle charts.

I can assure readers there will be some new releases in 2015.

First, I want to present a small collection of short stories that have been gathering dust for a few years. After that, I will write the long–overdue story of an Australian bushranger, Matthew Brady. His exploits will challenge the iconic legend of Ned Kelly. And there are several children’s stories crying out to be published.

Then I will return to sea and join Oliver Quintrell and his crew for another voyage.

Apart from writing, in mid-2015, I will embark on a cruise which will take me to several locations I have never visited before including Bermuda, the Azores and Cadiz. Who knows which of those locations will feature in the next nautical adventure?

Thank you for visiting my website. I trust my stories will give you hours of reading pleasure.

For an eclectic collection of posts on various subjects, why not visit my blog at or one of my sites listed on the LINKS page.

I hope 2015 is a great year for you.

Best regards,


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